Cybortra make your animal identification easier!

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Sample A   1pc CY152Rha + 5pcs CY152T Price:$160.00
134.2kHz-Handheld-Portable-RFID-Reader-for-Animal-TrackingPlastic syringe-style implanter with Microchip
Sample B   1pc CY152Rst + 10pcs CY152E    Price:$680.00
134.2kHz-RFID stick reader-for-Animal-Trackingelectronic ear tag
Sample C   20pcs CY152T   Price:$60.00
Plastic syringe-style implanter with Microchip
Sample D   20pcs CY152Tn Price:$50.00
replacement needle with microchipReplacement needle with microchip,134.2kHz Bioglass
Sample E   10pcs CY152E + 10pcs CY152EV Price:$35.00
electronic ear tag134.2-kHz-Low-Frequency-(LF)-Animal-Tracking-RFID-Visual-Ear-Tag-front

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