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134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag

Product Description
  –134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag

Electronic identification animal ear tags approved for livestock identification are passive tags. They have no bat-tery or power source of their own. Each tag contains a transponder that is activated when introduced into an electromagnetic field produced by an RFID reader. When activated, it will send the transponder's unique chip number to the reader which in turn sends it to the software contained in a computer, electronic scale head or PDA, etc. The unique transponder chip number contained in each ear tag is also printed on the outside of the tag.

CY152E-HDX Series Animal Ear Tag is an ear tag specially designed for the management of the animal raising and butchering. It meets the international standard of of ISO11784/11785 HDX. It is designed and produced on the imported high-level Microchips and it can be served to read and write, and also has a unique design of data security. In the animal raising and butchering, it can trace the animal’s identification by using our company’s readers together.

Certificate: International Committee for Animal Recording(ICAR)

 –134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag

RFID Compatibility
Duplex Mode
Operating Frequency

Available Colours

Max Tension
Anti-Collision Standard
Shaking Standard
Chemical resistance
Reading Distance

Working Temperature
Store Temperature
Working Humidity
Period of Validity

ISO11784/85 compliant
HDX Chip

13.3mm ± 0.1mm
30.0mm ± 0.1mm
10 grams
Yellow White or any other colours

TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Metal or Nylon
IEC 68-2-27
IEC 68-2-6
With IP67 standards, Waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-soaking
Ensures security in livestock management programs
Reading distance varies greatly per application due to reader quality & environmental factors

Operating at -30°C to 85 °C
Storage at -30°C to 65°C
5% to 90% no frost
>5 years
134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag Product Feature

100% performance guaranteed, Designed to protect technology inside.
Guaranteed to last the life of the animal.
International Committee for Animal Recording, the worldwide organization of animal recording and productivity evaluation.
Conforms to standards established by the International Organization for Standardization. The world's largest developer of standards.
ID numbers and other laser printings as you required
A male part and a female part with a microchip inside
ICAR approved ID numbers in electronic file
Patented application eliminates ripped & torn ears

134.2 kHz Low Frequency (LF) Animal Tracking RFID HDX Ear Tag and metal pin
Application Usage
 –134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag

Can be used in the management of breeding stock dairy stock, fatstock and animal slaughter to trace individual identification.
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