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RFID Rumen Bolus

Product Description
  –RFID Ceramic Rumen Bolus
The RFID rumen bolus tag has been developed to permanently identify ruminants with an ID bolus that lodges in the reticulum. It’s another choice besides RFID Ear tag can be implanted into animal’s rumen via oesophagus by applicator.

The bolus tag features EM or Hitag chips sealed within biocompatible ceramic. It is engineered to provide a sophisticated, tamper-proof, yet economical method of employing radio frequency for permanent, positive and safe identification. The RFID rumen bolus exemplifies superior performance, reliability and long term retention.

We recommend the bolus when positive identification is important.

ISO11784/85 134.2kHz HDX or FDX-B RFID bolus tag is a Special design for ruminant animals,which mainly used for cattle,small cattle,sheep,goat or deer.

Rumen bolus is recommended as a safe, permanent and tamper-proof method of electronic identification and Cattle Bolus is also suitable to trace stolen cattle.
 –RFID Ceramic Rumen Bolus
Work Frequency
Tag Compatibility
Chips dimension
Chips material
Bolus material

Reading range
Work Temperature
Store Temperature
Work Humidity
ESD immunity
134.2kHz or 125kHz
ISO11784/85 FDX-B and HDX
Ф4 mm x 34 m
Biocompatible ceramic

Up to 15cm
Operating at -25°C to 80°C
Storage at -40°C to 120°C
60°C, 95%RH
± 2Kv peak
Item NO
Weight 20g ±0.5g
Ф11mm±0.3mm x 55mm±1mm
Weight 30g ±0.5g
Ф12mm±0.3mm x 55mm±1mm
Weight 52g ±0.5g
Ф17mm±0.3mm x 66 mm±1mm
Weight 70g ±1g
Ф19 mm±0.3mm x 67 mm±1mm
Weight 84g ±1g
Ф20.5 mm±0.3mm x 67 mm±1mm
the dimension of bolus can be customized if the quantity is large enough.
RFID rumen bolus for cattle,sheep and deer
Application Usage
 –RFID Ceramic Rumen Bolus

Cattle,Small Cattle,Sheep,Goat and Deer