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Alpacas,llamas,sheep,cows could be microchipped
Why more and more animals such as alpacas,llamas,sheep,cows,horses have be microchipped?
Microchips have become the standard for identifying alpacas,llamas,sheep,cows,horses and several other animals. Proven safe, reliable, and affordable, microchips such as CY152Tn are the best identification alternative.They are injected just under the skin and can be read by our microchip scanner such as CY152Ri2 which is designed for these large animals(alpacas,llamas,cows,sheeps,horses etc.) with longer distance read.
The importance of microchipping has been brought to light during several recent events where the owners were unavailable to match individual llamas and alpacas to their registration papers.  Even though many of these animals represented some very - blood-lines, the animals are now virtually useless for any breeding program, because it wasn’t possible to match the animal with their registration.  DNA sampling may allow for some to be matched, but not all llamas and alpacas have their DNA on file with the registries and testing can be expensive. If these animals had been microchipped, matching them to their registrations would have been quick, easy and inexpensive.
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