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ID or microchip?

Probably only 10 percent of the dogs that come to us get returned to their owners and really, it's about less than 1 percent of the cats that get returned totheir owners. And the main reason for that is most don't have any type of identification on them.

For years, veterinarians and animal shelters have been encouraging people to have a microchip implanted in their pet in case they go missing.If you have an ID tag on your collar it can fall off at any time, where a microchip is always inside the body.

The American Veterinary Medical Association checked hundreds of animals with microchips and found 40 percent were not registered in any database.

There is a list of steps pet owners can take to help resolve these issues:
-- Have a vet routinely scan a pet's microchip to make sure it's readable and has up-to-date information.
-- Pet owners should also check out their chip provider's database to see if all of their information is there and is current.
-- Pet owners should make sure to remember to update their contact information.

Cybortra suggest that pet owners adopts microchip to prevent your pets get lost.
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