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Pet-licence fees increase
Watch your mail for a reminder to renew your pet's licence this month.
Licences for dogs and cats for 2011 are available now. It costs $100 to license a non-sterilized dog or cat, $20 for a sterilized cat and $25 for a sterilized dog.
Those costs are up from last year. The non-sterilized rate is up by $40 and the sterilized rates are each up by $5.
The increases will be used to pay for animal control and impound services performed by the Regina Humane Society on behalf of the city, according to a city media release.
Pet licences are available at City Hall, the humane society and veterinary offices.
Licensing pets helps to reduce the number of stray and nuisance animals, according to the city.
Pets can also be returned safely if caught running at large or if found injured. Even "stay-at-home" pets can escape through an open door or window.
Fines start at $100 for owners if their dog or cat is caught running at large.
If sterilized licensed pets are found running at large, they will be released to their owners without charge once each year. If they are unlicensed, there is an extra fine starting at $150.
Even if your cat or dog already has an identifying tattoo or microchip, it still needs to be licensed. Remember to supply the tattoo or microchip number when you purchase the licence.
It is also important to update information on your pet if you have moved, sterilized your pet or your pet is no longer with you. Licences are non-transferable between owners and pets.
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