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RFID enables buyer to know cattle history

Due to increased exports and diminishing cattle supply, the demand for source and age verified cattle are constantly growing, according to the Cattle Network. With that in mind, producers who wish to continue making money are faced with the dilemma of a need for method of verifying their cattle so that they can continue to remain in business.

The folks at AngusSource have developed a solution that will allow you to do just that. It’s Process Verified Program (PVP), Gateway that offers producers the ability to verify only the source and age of their calves.

Various options are available such as the RFID PCT tag, which is designed to meet the RFID requirements of marketing outlets, within a single tag. Or producers have the option to combine the connivance of RFID PCT with a visual tag for enhanced identification with the RFID ChoiceSet tag.

Producers may custom-print a management number on each visual tag free of charge. For a small additional fee, producers may also custom-print their logo, brand, name and/or phone number on the back of visual tags. Customization is not expected to cause any delays in the manufacturing process.

In the United States all tag options are available with a traditional 15-digit unique animal number or a National Animal Identification System “840” option.

Cybortra provide the ear tag complied with these standards

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