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Universal Pet Microchip Scanner Needed

Using microchips to recover lost pets is a great idea. However, the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families reports that many pet microchips can only be read by a scanner from the same company that created the chip. This is because the companies have used encryption technology on the implanted chips. Therefore, a universal scanner is needed that can read all kinds of pet chips. John Snyder, senior director of companion animals and equine protection with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) said, "If the United States does not adopt a global scanner, pet owners run the risk of losing the beloved pet that the microchip is supposed to protect." The Coalition reports that the United States is one of the few countries that does not have universal scanning of pet chips in place:

In Europe and Canada, the animal welfare community already employs a scanner that can read all chips. And, consequently, the rate of pets returned to their owners is dramatically greater. For example, in the United Kingdom, where a scanner that can read all chips is in place, 47 percent of lost dogs are returned to their families -- that's more than twice the current rate of return in the United States!

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